Business Fibre

Business Fibre Internet

Australian Broadband Internet is mostly transmitted via aging copper lines running through underground pits and subject to flooding, difficult asbestos pipe removal and more – day to day performance of this legacy connection type is deteriorating rapidly. As a result, copper-based internet connectivity (such as ADSL2 or EFM) has experienced increasing problems such as constant dropouts and slow speeds in general. Businesses need a better solution to be able to be more competitive and upgrade to the latest tech.
Ultra Fast
Symmetric Download & Upload Speeds 10Mbps to 1000Mbps
Faster Cloud Access
With 82% of Australian Businesses using Cloud services (Google Drive, Dropbox, ZOHO etc) the speed and bandwidth possibilities mean faster collaboration and access to anything in the Cloud
Highly Reliable
99.95% uptime and Service Level Agreements means peace of mind for your business
Cloud PBX
Ideal for Cloud PBX voice technology
Low Contention
A dedicated internet link with contention of 1:1 means consistent performance at all times of the day
Unlimited Data

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