Cloud PBX

Cloud PBX Phone System

Run your office phones through the Internet with a Cloud PBX. Be NBN ready and get functionality previously reserved for big corporations. At a fraction of the cost of traditional on-premise systems these phone systems are supplied ready to work out of the box, no technicians required.
Cloud simplicity
No expensive central box to buy, maintain or secure – we make all the changes within minutes in the cloud for you. That’s one less piece of equipment to worry about.
Multi-site ready
The cloud has no boundaries, all of your locations are connected to the same phone system, answer calls for absent colleagues, for inter-state offices, or even while working from home.
Grows as you grow
New lines can be added in minutes, new phones can be configured and despatched within 24hours , new offices already ready – plug the phones into the new modem and its business as usual.
Australia Hosted
So that your data privacy obligations are guaranteed, our Cloud PBX solutions are managed from within Australia by market leading Equinix Data Centres.
Customised Greeting
We create a customised menu for incoming calls and a customised after hours message – present a professional image to all of your callers whatever the time of day.

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